Friday, April 8, 2011

So I told you guys I would post a mini review on this pioneer ib flat subwoofer

So about the pioneer ib flat subwoofer in the Tiny sub box from Sonic Electronix

I have this setup running from a 600watt amp in my 1990 standard cab ford ranger.

The box is so small that it can only hit the higher bass lines before rolling off dramatically around 40 hertz

The bass of this subwoofer in this box is comparable to that of a logitech z2300 subwoofer at half volume.

I was not very impressed with this setup, but I know that this subwoofer can do WAY better in the proper enclosure, as this one is too small.

The subwoofers build quality is VERY nice, the suspension is really strong, the voice coil handles the power I push through it like a champ, barely even getting warm through extended periods of high volumes due to the extremely efficient cooling system this sub has.

Pioneer did I great job with their ib flat lineup so I do recommend this subwoofer to anyone who doesn't have a lot of space.

Unfortunately for now, my box isn;t up to specs with this sub so the overall listening experience with it isn't that great.

I'll give this sub a 7/10

The box a 5/10 for space reasons, other then that I'm not a fan of really high bass notes

I like the lows

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