Monday, June 11, 2012

Valve's Source Engine Powers Upcoming Film From 9 Director

Valve's Source Engine Powers Upcoming Film From 9 Director

Thursday, June 7, 2012

bad dream

I had a horrible dream last night, It was good at first but then it just went bad.

I dreamed I was back in my old neighborhood and I went across the street to my friends backyard and me and my friends were chilling around a pitfire.

Then all of a sudden two wolves came running up to us and started attacking me so I shot them with a musket that randomly appeared.

I then buried the wolves and tried to bury the musket to get rid of evidence (lol) but my friend dug up the musket, we then returned to the pitfire and chilled.

Suddenly the old man (that randomly appeared) sitting next to me (he was an old wise man, not heavyset but not skinny) he started crying saying that this was the end, I hugged him and as I did an army of british red coats from the revolutionary war came out of the darkness behind us and ran at us skewering us all with their bayonets.

It was horrible I could feel the knifes jamming through my legs, the sides of my body, and my back, they kept running as they had us skewered and jammed us right against the wall of my friends house, as I was dying and in pure agony I was thinking "I hate the person who stabbed me so much"

later on I found out my mother, her car keys and house keys were being cloned in a hidden cloning vats under our shed in huge numbers.. weird..